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Give Back To Community Day

For more than a decade, Taher ALAMI has been giving free sessions to young entrepreneurs every Tuesday.

Now you can book your FREE SESSION too.

What is it ?

The give back to community day is a day where all the sessions with Taher ALAMI are free.

When is it?

Every Tuesday.

Who is it for?

For Young Entrepreneurs / Startupers.

How to book a free session?

You can book a free consulting session with Taher ALAMI simply by selecting tuesdays on the main page. 

Can't find a slot on the next tuesday ?

Don't worry, try your luck in few days for the next available tuesdays or book a paid session at your convenient time.

Can I book a free session multiple times ?

Since February 2023 it is now possible to book a free session only once. This way we can reach more entrepreneurs and make the waiting time more acceptable. If you already had a free session, please feel free to book a paid session.

Can't wait for days/weeks for a free session ?

Don't worry, you can still book a paid session at your convenience. The waiting time is usually 10 times less and you can get a slot within few hours to few days.